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The Bay - Serenity on sahale glacier

The high mountains seem to whisper and breath in and out with flurries of wind that carry a cool glacial breeze from the valley to the peaks. Yet, truth be told, my current setting was unlike any alpine wilderness I’d laid eyes on before and perhaps ever again.

Another Perspective - Joseph Williams

Fear is a relative term. 255 sky dives and 62 BASE jumps later, Joseph has found an instant addiction in the art of human flight and the experimentation with limits and fear. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the world from Joseph’s Perspective.

Goodlist #17- Sea Foam and 4/3’s

Glass curls. Thick blubber. Sharky conditions. Winter surf is here. Overcast, early morning drives to squeeze in your one extra buddy can only be made better with some proper tunage accompaniment. Let the musical gradient of Arlie, The Babe Rainbow, Layup, and more…

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