Basecamp Headquarters

Carlsbad, California

33.1581° N // 117.3506° W  


The Basecamp is the heart and soul of The Goodland, striving to create a medium for nature's beauty and the inspiration it instills in those drawn to the outdoors. Basecamp members seek to discover, develop, and edit the adventures and stories of The Goodland, combining their individual passion with the team's to offer a creative communal space for all outdoorsmen.


To him, the perfect place to think is outside. From writing to photography, it is where he best finds his inspirations. Picking up and going simply makes sense to him, as he molds his life around the need to experience and learn. You can catch him smiling widest at the local surf break, bouldering route, or burrito pescado joint. And if you want a story, ask him about the surfboard bus chase of Playa Hermosa. 



Whether it's an eight foot heaving shore break, or the steepest line in sight, Mitch doesn't back down from any challenge. These experiences inspire Mitch in his designs, thinking and living. Need a partner for your daily dawn patrol or an extra set of eyes for chasing mountain storms? Mitch is your guy. 



Micah isn't shy of creative ideas and streaks of enthusiasm. The LA native isn't one to turn down a deep powder day in the mountains,  but remembers to sit down and jot down his thoughts over coffee every so often. As the seasons change and his lifestyle shifts from surf expeditions to mountain endeavors, Micah continues to learn more about himself in order to find where he's going. 


Evan Ruderman

Born and raised in the woods of New Hampshire, a passion for the outdoors runs in Evan's veins. Crushing hikes and searching for fresh snow on his board are amongst his favorites, but it's his love for photography that's pushed him further. Almost always found with a camera in hand, his love has taken him on adventures around the world.