Enero en Costa Rica // Monteverde, Santa Teresa, Playa Esterillos

February 1st, 2018

A brief look at three microclimates on the western side of Costa Rica through the eyes of a pancake, EFS 24mm lens.

 Monteverde: The cloud rainforest, with its sprawling trees and endless rain giving way to day and night hikes aplenty. Playa Esterillos Oeste: The quiet respite away from it all, save the mushy, calm peaks of longboard surf and the never ending morning calls of the local rooster herd. Santa Teresa: The vibrant surf town built on locals and foreigners cruising the breaks on short boards while listening to live music making it near impossible to leave. "Enero" is a celebration to the start of the Dry Season in Costa Rica, and the first of our profile on Costa Rica by Basecamper Oliver Ambros.