Autumn Jukebox

Weather is changing: Jackets, boots, beanies are on the horizon. What better way to get into the spirit of Autumn than falling into the groove of some jukebox classics. Supertramp, Jerry Garcia, The Band, and more are here to guide the journey between seasons.

The Goodlist #18

Hatchback Hues

Cue the early mornings and late nights. Cue the trail spice and coastal campsites. Cue the roadtrips.

Feel the audio hues of Michael Nau, CBDB, Two Gallants, and more accompany the visual hues of sunset, sunrise, and high noon, as you explore the outdoor offerings of the coming summer months.

Just make sure to shut the hatchback, or risk imminent dead batteries…

The Goodlist #17

Sea Foam and 4/3’s

Glass curls. Thick blubber. Sharky conditions. Winter surf is here.

Overcast, early morning drives to squeeze in your one extra buddy can only be made better with some proper tunage accompaniment. Heading North to Rincon or South towards Trails, let the musical gradient of Arlie, The Babe Rainbow, Layup, and more get you out of bed and stoked on prime conditions this winter season.

The Goodlist #16

Celebration of the Coming Season

As the bitter cold rolls in, diehard skiers come out of hibernation. Cruise down those fresh groomers and holler at those initial pow days while paying tribute to the beloved Mac Miller in addition to other rap and alternative tracks. Whether it’s your shift during the early morning mountain drive or you and the comrades are taking a seat for a much-needed après evening, Yellow Days & The Growlers will be there to keep you company.

The Goodlist #15 

As The Colors Go

The leaves come seemingly all at once, the reds, the oranges, the yellows. And then, just like that, you wake up, walk out of your tent and Winter has arrived. The Fruits Bats, Duke Evers, and more are here to guide you over the next month through the color spectrum of Fall, cider, campfire, and all. Cheers to the cozy days of Autumn!

The Goodlist #14 

A High Chance of Glassy

Warning: This track is strictly for jamming. Overuse can and will cause obsessive compulsive surf disorder, random drummeritis, and a predetermined love affair with nose drain. In limited doses, however, Sun-Dried Vibes, The Movement, Ojo de Buey, and many more are known to raise spirits, raise glasses, and raise swell. Start and end your beachside day right with our A High Chance of Glassy playlist. 

The Goodlist #13 

The Good Day Orchestra

Welcome to the sweet savory sounds of summer! The perfect balance of water to sun, beer to lime, flip to flop. Upbeat, groovy, and inspirational, The Good Day Orchestra headlined by The Dip, The California Honeydrops, and Cas Haley provide background to the adventures of summer. Happy Summering!

The Goodlist #12 

The Breakfast Skillet

Throw your camp shoes on, grab your warm flannel, and dive into your bear canister: It's breakfast time in the high Sierra Nevada's. Let the slow melodies of The Brooks and the Bluff get your morning started, as they pair nicely with the savory smell of sizzling eggs. Wrap your morning up with the therapeutic vibes of Harbor & Home as they guide you through your clean up just in time for that second morning hike. You're going to enjoy this cup of coffee!

The Goodlist #11 

Sprint through Sunny Pastures

The snow is melting, the air is crisp, the rains are light, and it's time to get the hell outside! The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Joe Hertler, Bros, and more are here to get you out the door and onto the trail, skipping your way up the face of your closest mountain. Trek away and Happy Spring!

The Goodlist #10 

A Farewell to the Season

Like all good things, even ski season must come to an end. Spend your final few days in the cold mountains listening to the likes of RKS, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix while taking in the white beauty that surrounds. 

The Goodlist #9.jpg

The Goodlist #9 

Sounds of Snow 

Prepare your mind, double check your skis,boots, cold weather gear, and ready yourself for the Winter season. Accompany your white flurry fun with artists like London Grammar, Foxygen, St. Lucia, and more. 

The Goodlist #8  

The Crunch of Autumn 

Bring the flannels, bring the cider, the campfires, and the sight of breath. As the leaves change colors, so to does the sound that guides us through our days. Lord Huron, The Lumineers, Fleet Foxes, and more accompany us through each step on the leafed trails we follow. 

The Goodlist #7  

Salty Summer 

Your feet sit warmly in the sand. You are relaxed, peaceful, and calm. The salty water streams down your cheeks. Summer is here. Little May, Fin, and John Butler, and more are here to accompany you on your warm weather endeavors.

The Goodlist #6  

A Change In The Air 

Spring is slowly shifting to a warmer, sunnier summer. The pants are shed for shorts, and skis are traded in for boards as focus switches to the waves and ocean discovery. Saint Motel, Beirut, Box the Oxford, and more are here to guide you through your first sandy steps.

The Goodlist #5  

Way It Goes

With a new year comes new creativity and brand new music of all kinds. Check out some of the latest tunes to hit 2017, including the likes of Hippo Campus, Cold War Kids, Milky Chance, and Real Estate. 

The Goodlist #4      

Escape to the Beauty

Some weekends are meant to be enjoyed with minimal distraction. Whether you're following a trail in the shadows of Devils Tower, waking up early Saturday morning to dive amongst the waves, or walking the dogs down the street, Townes Van Zandt, Josh Ritter, Iron & Wine, and others will guide you in your escape to the outdoors...

The Goodlist #3            

A Panhandler's Peak

Turn to the outside as you meander through genres of music meant to inspire, influence, and instill creativity by Lord Huron, LCD Soundsystem, and Lettuce...

The Goodlist #2        

The Old Road To The Country

Tune out the noise of your surroundings and let the likes of James Taylor, America, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, and many more show you an experience...

The Goodlist #1

The Mountain Sings To These Six Strings

Let the lyrics of Trampled By Turtles, Dawes, Shakey Graves, and more carry you to a new place...