Jones' Perspective

the art of film photography, the never ending battle between ski and surf, mountain house breakfast skillet, and more WITH PHOTOGRAPHEr AUSTIN JONES


Part I: The Warm Up





The solidarity outdoors


Mammoth, CA



Tell us about Yourself. Where are you from? How do you feel your upbringing has guided you and your passions in the outdoors?

Born and raised in Southern California.

Brought up in a family of skiers, dad used to compete, I followed in those footsteps for a few years. My fathers love for the outdoors definitely helped guide me when I was young. He hiked the John Muir Trail when he was my age so I hope to do the same in the coming years. Uncles got me into surfing back in the day but I didn’t get super into it until the last three or four years. Now living in Dana Point, I try and get in the water at least once a day unless I am out skiing or exploring somewhere new. 


What do you enjoy about the outdoors? 

The beauty, the solidarity, the rawness, the unknown.


Can you trace your passion for the natural world back to one particular moment or trip? If not, how has your passion for the natural world come to be? 

My memory only takes me back so long but I started skiing Mammoth back when I was three years old, haven’t stopped since. The other day I found an old film photo my dad took of me looking up at Half Dome in a baby carrier when I was about two years old. I guess I was just brought up in a family of outdoor enthusiasts. It is hard not to be simply awestricken by what Mother Nature has to offer. Go stand at the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite and you will know exactly what I am talking about. 

Describe your ideal day out in the wilderness (Who do you like traveling with and what are your must haves for any adventure)?

Ideal day would definitely be a day spent bagging peaks in the Sierras and skiing freshies on the way down. However, if it’s low tide in the mountains, I will never say no to a nice hike into the unknown. Must haves would be anything that can take a picture or film, food, food, and more food, slackline, hammock, and cant forget some beer. Oh and a portable charger so the music doesn’t die on ya. 



Part II: Sparking Photography







Catching the eye



How did you get into your photography?

I always saw my father shooting with his old 35mm Cannon when I was young so maybe that rubbed off on me. He handed down that classic 35mm down to me and sparked the photography gene in me. I have always wanted to capture ‘the moment’ whatever that moment may be.

Always nice to have more than just a memory.


Give some more explanation about your dog. She’s the star of many of your shots in this particular Look Book. 

Kona bear is a mini Australian shepherd and my adventure sidekick. She inspires me to get out and explore every single day.

What´s one quirk you have that you feel compliments your passion?

I am highly addictive. So ya it is safe to say I am an addict. Addicted to skiing steeps and to punting myself off anything that resembles a ramp. Addicted to the feeling of riding waves and to packing myself in dark closeout shore break.

Where do you feel a deep desire to discover in your future travels? Are there any particular places that call to you at this point in time?

Japan and New Zealand have both been calling my name for as long as I can remember. Best of both worlds in both countries yet such different cultural experiences at each place. Definitely need to make it to one of those dreamy spots by the end of this year. Not too sure if I would come back from either of the two countries once there. 

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Part III: Curtain Close



Local Hangouts


Breakfast Mountain Skillet





Ocean or Mountains? 

Tough call, but I’ll take chest deep pow over chest high lowers 9 times out of 10.

Where’s your favorite place to surf? Favorite place to ski?

Lowers if the crowd doesn’t show, San-o if I’m feelin a lil funky. When it comes to skiing, Mammoth will always have my heart.

Favorite camp food?

Huge fan of the Mountain House Breakfast Skillet. I’ll eat that any time of the day. 

Where is Your Goodland? Why? 

My Goodland is anywhere I find myself lost in the world around me. Lost in the movement of the ocean, lost in a snow-covered mountain, lost in the backcountry, just lost in the moment. My Goodland is that moment we are all looking for day in and day out. That moment where everything around you stops and it is just you taking in everything around you. 

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