Junio en Chile // Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, y la Región Central

July 23rd, 2018

A look into Evan Ruderman’s personal basecamp for the past five months, the central region of Chile, through the eyes of a Canon T2i and versatile 18-200mm Sigma lens.

Valparaiso: One of the world’s oldest and most important port cities, Valpo is located on the coast smack in the center of Chile. Known for steep hills, colorful homes, and endless murals, it’s full of charms that have drawn artists from around the globe. Viña del Mar: Just across across the bay is Viña, the contrasting sister city of Valpo. Modern, beautiful, and lined with incredible beaches this city can feel worlds away from Valpo but has charms of its own – from the local market to hidden climbing spots. Central Region: Giant mountains, vineyards, crags, surf spots, and just about anything can be found here in the Central Region of Chile.

“Junio” is the final installation of a three-month long profile throughout Peru, Chile, and Argentina by photographer Evan Ruderman.