Wet Aroma

wet+aroma 2.jpeg

Never did I live by the shore, at least not for long enough to call it home

Never did I grow up with the surf, the water a fierce battle to a 10 year old

Never did I wake up early, fight for a spot, and make it there on time

Never did I align my feet goofy, and dip into the side of beauty

Never did I wrap myself in a towel, large enough to put me to bed

Never did I stare at the sea, wondering where the horizon might end up

Never did I value that of the heavens, from the valleys to the hills to the shores

I will never make these mistakes again

For that I forever promise:

Forever will I love the blue, the grey, the orange, and the purple

Forever will I dive to the wet peaks, that reign in the sands and the life

Forever will I wake up first , fight for my spot, and make it there on time

Forever will I be goofy, singing my love for what cannot love me

Forever I will run towards the water, the cold my favorite and only proper temperature

Forever I will question the sea, amazed by its mystique, wonder, and power

Forever I will call the city of angels, my spot, my life, my shore

Forever I will take my kids to the shore

Never will they ever forget it

- OA

Oliver Ambros